Monday, November 4, 2013

The Underground - Cookie

Age: Unknown, physically looks 25 – 30
Hair: Red/Black/Purple
Eyes: Dark Blue
Height: 5’6”
Occupation: Unknown

No one can tell how old Cookie is. Sometimes she acts 13, sometimes 80. She suffers from severe delusions and vivid, life-like hallucinations. She isn’t outwardly cruel or violent, though sometimes things will trigger a very dangerous side of her. She always carries at least one blade, usually several, and she is extremely skilled with them. She moves fast as a snake and is as deadly as a highly trained assassin when she so chooses.
Cookie lives in the Underground. She knows where and how to get any number of things, from information to people to items. She can lead a person through the Underground of the City and it would show them a whole different world. She has contacts and allies of all sorts and could probably run the Black Market if she wanted to.
No one knows where she sleeps, or of it’s even the same place every night. Some say it’s a certain motel (the name varies with who you talk to), others say it’s the upper floor of a shop or the attic of a restaurant.
Cookie took over as a sort of guardian of Lily, a young preteen girl, when she appeared in the Underground around the age of 5. Though they may go days without seeing one another, they always seem to know how to find each other with little to no trouble. Cookie is fiercely protective over Lily and if there is any trouble or harm to the girl, Cookie will soon be there.
That bond is also shared with two other people in Cookie’s life. The first, Ness, became part of Cookie’s life several years ago. Cookie originally sought Ness out as a contact for something she was working on, but a close friendship quickly developed.
The other person is Cookie’s sister, Cupcake. Though arriving in the Underground sometime after Cookie, the family loyalty cannot be argued. Trying to convince either sister of betraying the other would be deadly for the fool who attempts it.
Finally, Cookie’s near constant companion is a grey fox. No one is sure where it came from, appearing in Cookie’s life shortly after Lily. This fox’s name is unknown, should it even exist. All that is known is the fox follows Cookie loyally and protects her when it sees the need. It is theorized that the fox shares the same bond with Cookie as Cupcake and the others. Some people wonder if Cookie is even aware of the fox, while others claim to have seen her petting the fox or talking to it. A few unfortunate people have seen Cookie as protective of the fox as the fox seems to be of Cookie.

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